About Century City

Over the last several years Century City Trading has been associated with introduction of the newest technologies in the field of power management and Control solutions in Middle East– and it is this culture of innovation and excellence that has made us amongst the most trusted and preferred brands in our field both in Middle East and globally. Our ability to be close to our customers and be flexible to their requirements is what has allowed us to punch above our size, despite operating in a market dominated by global giants.

At Century City Trading we have always strived to fulfill the requirement of accessories by helping our customers choose the best product, as per their needs. Century City Trading efficient, well-trained and expert store advisors are always equipped with sound information and personalized advice to provide our customers with value for money products. To make your shopping experience better post your purchase we provide them with robust customer service support.


Enet is striving to empower, inspire and provide solutions with tech. Tech can be a tool, a hobby, a creative process, an artform… we’re uniting these forms of tech, popping them in a box, wrapping it with a bow, and calling it Maplin!


Through Industrybuying, we seek to bring a revolutionary change in the industrial supply operations on national and global scale. While our mission is to bridge the gap between consumers and B2B merchants.


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