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Netbooks have been converging attack of smartphone ...
Netbooks were trapped by the Smartphones and tablet computers, be eliminated market only a matter of time. According to the global NetBook sales last year slid 32% 's share of the PC market 8% per cent from a year ago.
Because margins are thin, most digital stores are no longer selling netbooks.
BP machine seems to have been popular for the moment is replaced with phones, netbooks are also faces replaced by the Tablet's dilemma. Netbooks as a staged product, better the notebook on the function, fashion and convenience but also as tablets, they were eliminated by the market only a matter of time.
Why the once-popular netbooks and fewer at this point? Industry analysis, product of the NetBook is just a phase, are now being replaced by tablets, "tablets are both stylish and convenient NetBook features it has, and the price is cheap, who was buying a NetBook? But NetBook no death in the near future.
The industry believes that technology in IT industry too fast, often causing the death of some transitional products quickly, if the companies do not have to see the future development direction, will not be able to estimate the damage caused by.
Tablet PC sales next year will exceed PC
Dediou Asymco blog detailing his prediction, and refers to a lot of pretty charts, and finally came to a conclusion. "Based on the above assumptions, Tablet sales will be in the autumn of 2013 beyond the PC market. "He said.
Dediou refers to sales, not the installed capacity. Dediou said, most observers think that the Tablet PC market is a big added that customers will purchase both products simultaneously. But the problem is that, like most Web sites, Web site of the mobile traffic is on the rise, and in some cases exceeds the critical value of 50%, but desktop share is subjected to further erosion of the tablet. When Apple finally launched after iTV, fabrication of all types of content requires programming to four different screens.
But now the focus of "bridging screen" (Tablet), let us take a look at its usage trends, what kind of market-driven it hundreds of millions of sales: Many enterprises and educational institutions need to frequently update their papers and textbooks, taking into account the paper printing costs as well as its impact on the environment, change points to one area of competition in the industry--tablet computer. Data show that companies that provide their employees with iPad print activities have been slashed, and the trend will accelerate rapidly in the future.
Many enterprises are already clearly aware, their employees have enough mobility on the market with enough applications to meet the needs of some or all employees. Apple is also considerable progress has been made in the enterprise market, but Windows 8 (hereinafter referred to as "Win8") will also play its true impact. Fact is, Win8 enterprise features will push Apple and Android to follow Microsoft (micro-blogging) practices. Wednesday on rumors, Apple will be declared in the Microsoft Office suite available on iPad, just like I said in my blog, the dreams of the remnants of this are apples in the enterprise market.
Tablet PC expert
Most popular element in today's electronic markets, comes as a tablet. African market foresight, you can say, precisely at the moment when the vendor, the major flat panel computer brand competing early, broad market prospects. Today, the tablets how to buy has become a consumer topic of most concern.
Launched its first tablet computer chip its ultra high performance success in combination with sophisticated software to pick up HD HDMI output Android 4 operating system compatibility and extremely strong! (ENET Tablet official website: www.Japan-ENET.com) after entering the African market, its performance can be said to be very good. This is not only because the ENET Tablet cheaper, because of their high levels of technology, successive captures to a variety of professional tablets are recommended. Thus is user friendly as the cheapest Tablet PC.
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