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Tablet PC FAQ and troubleshooting


Tablet computer can not open machine causes

A: 1, when the flat charge is insufficient, please plug in the power, when you are using the Tablet for the first time, in front of the power plugged in, charge for 30 minutes and then turn on continue charging). Because powered charging more slowly, when the battery is charged while powered on can cause the automatic shut down of the system. 2, press the reset button 3, press and hold the power key and the MENU key to restore factory
Panic occurred when the Tablet how to solve it? Panic occurred when the Tablet how to solve it?
Answer: If a crash occurs during operation, press the reset button to restart. In order to prevent the occurrence of panic, on the one hand pay attention to when you click on the button do not operate too quickly, it is recommended that each operation; the other hand if the low battery Please charge.
Input method
A: input method installed finished Hou, entered desktop "set"--"speech and keyboard" will just device of input method hook Shang, click certainly forward out, entered "browser", single points (click about) output box,, has keyboard pop-up Hou, again long points (long time by touch screen) output box,, pop-up "codification text", entered "input method" select just device of input method, by back back key exit original keyboard, again click output box on to has.
How to properly install the software
A: install application software required for care, you have installed a test, because there will be some software incompatibility will result in a system error, when you find a system error, please immediately remove the! So as not to affect the overall system operation
Installed input methods, and how to enable it? Installed input methods, and how to enable it?
Answer: first, enter the Setup language you installed input method enabled->! And then where you want to enter, press boxes, pop-up menus, choose the input method.
Android how to run a program to the desktop? Cut to the desktop?
A: press the "HOME" button
Touch sensitive what can I do? Touch sensitive what can I do?
A: the "settings" menu, there is a "touch screen calibration" option, will, in turn, in the upper-left, upper-right, and lower-left corner, right corner a cross-shaped symbol and a central location, with Tablet stylus can be a touch to calibrate the touch screen
Computer power on the white screen, could not make it into the system causes
Answer: when the battery is low, power on the white screen is normal, as long as the filling in a shutdown state after more than half an hour, and reboot into the operating system.
Copy and paste files
Answer: Dang insert u or memory card Shi, open file management device, will displayed local storage, u, SD card this three a disc breaks, click entered which a a disc breaks, long by select wants copy of file, will pop-up dialog box, under prompted copy file, then click to wants paste of disc breaks, again click long by blank of place, pop-up dialog box, under prompted operation.
Answer: first of all, HD TV and HD output cable is connected the Tablet, Tablet video is playing, select vortes fuselage comes with video player, and then will pop up a dialog box to prompt you to select HD output, and confidential setting to select HD output HD TV channels, so that the tablet can be output through HD video on line play on HD TV
Wired, wireless can not connect
A: when cable and wireless will not connect, about promoting the tablet button at the top, push the "ON" position. Second, shutdown, restart the Tablet PC. Three, and open themselves of router of address, entered cable or wireless set, observation "mode" set four, and flat computer in the of network and family broadband in the of router about, General family broadband will distribution has broadband network company dedicated of router, most of dedicated router will limit or disabled flat computer of using, then, should first observation router in the of set, set finished Hou are can't connection network Shi, should replaced dedicated of broadband router, using themselves buy Or an external router and then connect the router back when you have a normal online to connect to the network.
How do I connect tablet and desktop computers ?
A: 1, first in the Tablet's USB OTG found on Contrkol. 2, and then will USB data line plug in flat computer of first a USB interface and desktop computer connection 3, and from screen top Department classified dynamic article down pulled 4, and zhihou screen will has "USB has debugging" and "USB connection" two a option 5, and select USB connection, then will pop-up a green robot and right Xia corner of "open USB connection" 6, and click "open USB connection" zhihou, robot will into yellow, right Xia corner words will into "close USB connection" 7, and has connection successfully, Desktop computer a removable disk will appear. And then between the two computers can transfer files to each other.


Why has just received the goods today, is because the dead can not open it?
Answer: new little machine tablets, all requests received before charging after using the machine. Started the tablet computer love, might get very fresh playing mad, or to open the software such as the the, power consumption so much that might be useless soon felt out of power, so please pay attention. Our 9-inch Tablet is 7,600 mAh battery capacity than larger, so generally shuts down charger 8-10 charging time hours to fill. After fully charged, the battery was to force.
External USB memory stick
A: USB: plug the USB drive into the host USB interface. Devices on a USB memory stick connected to a USB drive, and copy files between the device and storage cards. Remove the USB memory stick: closes all open files from the card; enter the menu button → settings → SD card and the device are stored, click to remove the USB memory stick, the system will prompt "USB safely remove"; gently remove, the card will pop up a section, remove it; on the upper-left corner of the screen will prompt the "Remove USB memory stick"?